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All the games are solo developed !

Escape the clutches of zombies and survive the frightful ordeal when you find yourself trapped on a terrifying island. As you fend off hordes of undead attackers and mastermind tactical generator solutions, you must keep your wits about you in this relentless first-person shooter. Successfully navigating the pandemonium relies on your ability to juggle multiple tasks at once.


Strategically play Round 1, then modify levels in Round 2 to outsmart your former self and intentionally kill yourself. Unleash creativity and intellect in this mind-bending, self-manipulating quest.

This game was made in GMTK Game-Jam 2023 in 48 hours


Experience a mind-blowing puzzle platformer featuring intricately designed levels and mind-boggling puzzles that will leave you in awe.

This game was created for the GMTK Game Jam 2021 in just 48 hours.


Enjoy a stress-relieving experience in this 2D hyper-casual mobile game where you expertly manoeuvre your cricket bat and sink it into the basket to score while admiring the mesmerizing glowing graphics.


A captivating survival farming game that demands strategic task management skills. This game, offers a rich experience where you must balance your farming endeavours with critical decision-making

created for Ludum Dare 52 within a mere 48-hour timeframe


Immerse yourself in a Lowfy 3D FPS survival game that meticulously emulates the mechanics of the sheriff gun from Valorant.

This game was developed for the Brakeys Gamejam 2023 within the impressive timeframe of just 7 days.


About Me



*Currently persuing MSc Game Technology at ICAT Bangalore*

*BSc IT graduate at Mumbai University*

Game Design Interest

*System Design*

*Level Design* 

*Good sense of Responsive Mechanics*

Hey, there I am Shrey Patil a Game Designer who is passionate about making games with good game design.

I have been making games since 2019, learning various software and game design in general

My projects showcase the correct use of difficulty curve despite working in multiple different genres

regardless of all the game design decisions I have made, I believe making games is all about having fun and giving fun to the players 

Currently, I am searching for an internship to get into the industry.

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